Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons



I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from watching my Gerry Anderson complete TV series collections. I have all of his (IMHO) best Supermarionation programs. Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and Joe 90. I really do need to get back to watching them.

While I prep myself for deep immersion into the Gerry Anderson world of Supermarionation again, please enjoy these cool end-credit illustrations from Captain Scarlet!

Here’s what the wiki says about the artist, Ron Embleton:

Ronald Sydney Embleton (6 October 1930 – 13 February 1988) was a British comics artist and illustrator whose work was much admired by fans and editors alike. David Ashford and Norman Wright, writing in Book and Magazine Collector (March 2002) note that “his work for such diverse periodicals as Express Weekly, TV Century 21, Princess, Boy’s World and Look and Learn have earned him the respect of every practitioner in the field and the gratitude of all of us who admire the art of the comic strip.”[1]

Here’s a quote about the artist from an online source:

Ron Embleton established himself as a superb comic and magazine illustrator in the 1960s. He is probably best known for the iconic images shown here - the superb end-credits artwork for the original Gerry Anderson ‘Captain Scarlet’ TV Series. Feast your eyes on these amazing illustrations.



Fireball XL5 colorized and on Blu-Ray

I’m NO fan of colorized films. I hate it. This series is from 1962; they had color then, for whatever reasons they chose to film it in black and white. Whether the reason was because it was going to be broadcast to black and white televisions or whether it was cost effective, it’s unimportant. What is important is that each shot in the program was composed and lit for black and white. Even the colors they painted the marionettes and all of the vehicles and buildings were chosen to look best in black and white.

My feelings and rant aside, I do like “like” the coloring on individual still frames. I wish I was a spaceman, the fastest guy alive. I’d fly you ‘round the universe in Fireball XL5….



Fireball XL5 scans of printed booklet has more Gerry Anderson than you can shake a stick at!

I found these awesome scans of printed Fireball XL5 photos online. Although this series is crude in terms of the puppets and effects when compared to Gerry Anderson’s later work such as Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds, it’s possibly my favorite of all his television programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything Supermarionation, it’s just Fireball XL5 really rings old Retro-Joe’s bells.

Don’t be a tootie, if you’re into this sort of stuff… see it asap!!



Awesome Gerry Anderson vehicles

In a never ending quest to bring you all sorts of cool odd things, here’s more Gerry Anderson in ya face!

The above drawings are NOT illustrated by me, but they’re so wicked cool!! First to last is, a cut-away interior details of Scott Tracy’s Thunderbird 1, Colonel Steve Zodiac’s Fireball XL5, Captain Troy Tempest’s Stingray and lastly the exterior of Mike Mercury’s Supercar.


Barry Gray - Captain Scarlet: End Titles (Commercial Version)
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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Captain Scarlet: End Titles (Commercial Version) — from the album, “Stand By For Action!” The Music Of Barry Gray

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons end titles… I actually get up and dance in these end credits after each episode I watch.

For those that aren’t familiar; the basic concept of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons is that literally in the first ten minutes of the first episode, Captain Scarlet dies and is replaced with an indestructible alien duplicate made by Earth’s alien enemies, The Mysterons. This alien replication, of the ‘real’ Captain Scarlet, is deprogrammed and becomes Spectrum’s main go to guy and super-agent and hero of this brilliant 1967 British kid’s program.

At the end of most episodes Captain Scarlet either dies saving the earth from the threat of the alien Mysterons or dies in vain trying. Never fear Roboteers, the indestructible Captain Scarlet plus a Jesus whenever he’s killed and comes back to life. This program is seriously sophisticated given it was a children’s puppet show.

Gerry Anderson has had such a massive impact on pop culture and science fiction with all of his contributions to it. This program is simply brilliant; between the great concept, the meticulous details to all of the background sets and costumes and puppets, and Anderson’s ALWAYS incredible stylish design of vehicles… this show is among my favorite of all his work. If England hasn’t made him a National Treasure or a Knight, I’mma gonna have to kick em in their arse and have them get on that immediately.

Check out how brilliantly twisted the lyrics to this song is:
Captain Scarlet —
He’s the one who knows the Mysteron game,
And things that they plan.

Captain Scarlet —
To his Martian foes a dangerous name,
A superman.

They crash him, and his body may burn,
They smash him — but they know he’ll return,
To live again.
Captain Scarlet —
As the Angels are flying wing to wing,
Into the scene, Spectrum Is Green.

Captain Scarlet —
Though the Mysteron’s plan to conquer the Earth,
This indestructible man will show what he’s worth.
Captain Scarlet!

Captain Scarlet!




Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet vehicles

Wicked-cool Captain Scarlet vehicles! I love replicas (ah, fuck it… TOYS, I love toys) that have small moving parts and doors that open to show tiny people or objects inside!

The wiki says:

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Well-trusted by the commander-in-chief of Spectrum, Colonel White, Captain Scarlet is the primary agent of the organisation and is assigned the most dangerous and crucial missions.

He is a close friend of Captain Blue, with whom he undertakes the majority of his missions, although he is on friendly terms with all other Spectrum agents. A close relationship with Destiny Angel is also hinted at several times in the series.

Death, Mysteronisation, and resurrection

Captain Scarlet was killed in the first episode of the series, “The Mysterons,” in a car crash brought about by the Mysterons, which also resulted in the death of Captain Brown. Both men were reconstructed by the aliens, who assigned their exact likenesses of both men to assassinate the World President. The Captain Brown likeness was turned into a walking bomb for this purpose. When this attempt failed, the Captain Scarlet likeness kidnapped the President from Cloudbase and flew him to England, taking him to the top of the London Car-Vu, a large car park tower. Cornered while holding the President at gunpoint over the city below, the Captain Scarlet likeness was shot by Captain Blue and fell 800 feet to his apparent destruction. However, at the end of the episode it was revealed that Captain Scarlet was returning to life and had become almost incapable of dying permanently due to the powers of the Mysterons, although the fall had broken the Mysteron programming and returned him to his original personality. This extraordinary ability heals Scarlet of physical injuries within hours, making him virtually indestructible.

Captain Scarlet’s Mysteronised body, like those of all Mysteron likenesses, is still vulnerable to electricity and impervious to X-rays. He also has a “sixth sense” when in the presence of a strong Mysteron influence - he becomes nauseated, sweats, and suffers a severe headache - but this sense sometimes does not indicate all Mysteron presences in an area. Though Captain Scarlet “dies” several times in the course of the series - usually quite violently - he always returns to life. In “Attack on Cloudbase,” Captain Scarlet is declared finally and permanently dead during the course of the battle for Cloudbase; however, this is later revealed to be Symphony Angel’s hallucination as she is stranded in a desert, waiting for Spectrum to rescue her following a plane crash.